Why ATP?

Our customers offer a long list of reasons for choosing Alberta Tubular Products. They like our knowledgeable people, our responsive service and our consistent ability to deliver the right product to the right place at the right time for the right price.

Here, we summarize the most important benefits ATP promises to each of our customers.

+ Unrivaled Inventory

We stock one of the largest inventories of OCTG and Line Pipe in the industry. If you need it, chances are we can provide it. And with 30+ stocking points across Canada, ATP ensures delivery that is as cost-effective as it is quick.

+ On-demand Delivery

We understand that on the oil & gas landscape, even a day’s delay can mean tens of thousands of dollars in losses. When you need OCTG and Line Pipe, you need it now. ATP’s large, strategically located inventory is the foundation of our reputation for responsive, reliable delivery. To ensure even more efficient delivery, we are able to create seasonal OCTG stocking points closer to the job site.

+ Product Quality You Can Trust

Not all products are created equal. To ensure a steady supply and robust inventory of high-quality products, ATP has established relationships with numerous reputable mills. While most of our products are manufactured in North America, we also leverage our nimbleness as a private company to source from international mills that meet our rigorous quality standards. Our flexibility is greatly beneficial to our customers.

+ Leaders in Service

Alberta Tubular Products is a service company. Our customer care extends well beyond ‘9-to-5’: someone equipped to help can always be reached. We work closely and communicate openly with our customers to understand and anticipate their needs, and we are committed to fulfilling them.

+ A Multidimensional Approach to Risk Mitigation

Oilfield production is laden with risks; and while we can’t help manage all of them, we do everything within our power to mitigate the risks related to the purchase and supply of OCTG and Line Pipe.

Above all, our extensive inventory and commitment to on-demand delivery spares customers from the capital risks associated with maintaining their own inventories. We further mitigate financial risk by facilitating strategic pre-ordering to take advantage of cyclical material and manufacturing costs.

And in the rare event of a product defect, we work very closely with our manufacturers to ensure our customers receive prompt solutions.

+ Knowledgeable Staff

With more than 20 years in the business, ATP has built a solid team of highly experienced people capable of meeting the challenges of this industry. Further, our low employee turnover gives our customers the satisfaction of dealing with the same highly competent people over a long period of time.

+ Swift and Effective Decision Making

In the oil & gas industry, pipeline plans can change rapidly; and just as quickly, ATP responds. We are a private company purposefully structured to be flexible, fluid and fast in making responsible decisions to accommodate our customers’ changing needs. For customers, minimal bureaucracy means maximum efficiency.

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