Line Pipe

ERW CSA Z245.1 from 60.3 to 406.4mm in various wall thicknesses. Grade 359 Cat II Sour Service from Shaw and Perma Pipe locations. We have several sources available for larger OD and other grades of line pipe.

Line Pipe Coatings

Shaw Yellow Jacket (YJ)
Perma-Pipe Ultrabond RA (UBRA)
A continuous sheath of high-density polyethylene extruded over a rubberized asphalt adhesive. Operating temperatures: -40ºC to 60ºC. Primarily designed for oil, gas and water lines with moderate operating temperatures.
Shaw YJ2K
Perma-Pipe Ultrabond III SE (UBIIISE)
Consist of three layers: fusion-bonded epoxy primer, copolymeric adhesive and a thick, high-density polyethylene sheath. Operating temperatures: -40ºC to 85ºC. Designed primarily for oil, gas and water lines with operating temperatures up to 85ºC and for use in rougher terrains or river/road/rail crossing bores.
Shaw Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE)
Perma-Pipe Fusion Bonded Epoxy (Ultra FBE)
Plant-applied powder coating. Operating temperatures: -40ºC to 105ºC. Used primarily for oil, gas and water lines in environments where superior coating bond, chemical resistance, soil stress and cathodic disbondment protection are required.
Shaw Dual Layer Abrasion (DPA)
Perma Pipe Ultra FBE Abrasion (DPA)
Dual-layer FBE coating designed to provide superior damage resistance to pipelines in the toughest environments including river/road/rail crossings and rocky terrain. Consists of a corrosion-resistant undercoat with excellent adhesion and resistance to cathodic disbondment and an overcoat that provides excellent abrasion and impact resistance to protect against possible damage during transport, pipeline construction, bores and directional drills. Operating temperatures: -40ºC to 105ºC.
Shaw Insul-8 (System B & C)
Perma-Pipe Ultrafoam (IIISE & FBE)
Polyurethane foam insulation designed to prevent hydration in gas pipelines, maintain viscosity of hot oil lines and provide freeze protection for water and sewer lines. Consists of a corrosion layer (tape and primer or YJ2K/UBIIISE or FBE undercoat) applied directly to the steel, polyurethane foam (to desired thickness) and an outer coating of YJ/UBRA. Operating temperatures: -40ºC to 85ºC.
Shaw Rock Jacket (RJ) A bendable, plant-applied, reinforced concrete coating designed to protect anti-corrosion coatings and steel pipe in rocky terrain and to be buried directly in blasted-out rock trenches, eliminating the need for select backfill.
Shaw Cement Mortar Lining (CML) A continuous, centrifugally applied lining of dense Portland cement mortar with a smooth, uniform finish. Operating temperatures: -40ºC to 300ºC. Designed primarily as an internal corrosion and abrasion protection for oil, gas, potable water, water injection and water disposal lines.
Canusa Joint Materials ATP can supply Canusa and Covalence heat-shrink sleeves/tape and brush-grade epoxy products for field-applied joint completion. Each product is designed for specific coatings and open ditch or bore field installations.
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